We provide reliable and competent assistance. The office Beyer is specialised on criminal law and the proceedings connected to criminal law. We represent and defend our clients’ interests nationally and internationally. Our motivation is as big as your expectations. Best qualification, utmost care are our hallmarks.

Client care is a matter of trust, discretion the supreme principle thereby. Our highly qualified team constitutes a multidisciplinary pool, with professional competence, decision strong and reliable.

We offer strategies that meet your needs, provide interdisciplinary, competent, goal-oriented and practical consultation. Criminal proceedings are often accompanied by further consequences, such as labour law-related sanctions, instant dismissal, commercial sanctions, loss of concession or licence or the management of a company, claims for damages and liability claims.

Our goal: to conduct your proceeding together with you in a way that we identify all risks from the beginning, define your goals, develop an interdisciplinary strategy and, based on that, defend and enforce your interests.